Thursday, October 8, 2009

cheerleader's batons twirling/swirling in a outside form of regal formation. insider invisible aliens seek to invade the chasm which belongs to the batons wind creating echos of stanzas of visions summoning into the third eye portal drain of 1999 dead John Ford's right testicle in which sperms have survived and seek to create a new john ford encompassing sight, sound & alien vibrations of aztec proportions end year end year end sight end belonging do not stand by the end of light. visions of seth and quetzalcoatl sipping on martinis and at long last innumerable objects of durable Styrofoam will fall effortlessly from the sky burial chamber of unknown dimensions of ecstatic explosions of dense muffled fire and flame.

visions exist only within a nature.
a nature devolves into bleakness.
bleakness becomes sorrow.
sorrow gives way to anguish.
anguish leads to visions of death.
visions exist only within a nature.